Dragon Medical One – Nuance

DMO Leading Speech
Make every second count. Fast, responsive & highly accurate Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition.

Move focus back to the patient, not the EHR

Nuance Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition

Designed to accurately translate your voice into a rich, detailed narrative that feeds directly and seamlessly into all major EHR platforms.

Capture the complete patient story in the EHR

Nuance Dragon Medical One is a secure, cloud based speech platform for clinicians to securely document complete patient care in the EHR. Make technology work for you ANYTIME, ANYWHERE

Dragon Medical One

Cloud‑based speech recognition that provides a consistent and personalized clinical documentation experience across solutions, platforms and devices regardless of physical location

PowerMic Mobile

Turns any workstation into a dictation station and gives clinicians the freedom to dictate, edit and navigate the EHR using their smartphone as a secure wireless microphone.