Coding, auditing, and compliance management teams to ensure the quality and efficiency of services

By using the payment codes for chronic care management, your practice can be separately reimbursed for important services that it provides to Medicare Fee-For-Service patients with two or more chronic conditions.

Health care professionals have an opportunity to be separately paid for important services while improving Medicare patients’ self-management, health outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

Your patients will gain a team of dedicated health care professionals who can help them plan for better health and stay on track. Services such as monthly check-ins and ready access to their care team can help them connect the dots and improve their care coordination.

If you’re not offering CCM services, you may be missing out on the opportunity to provide the connected care your Medicare patients need and want, while simultaneously growing your practice.

Some of the tools and resources available to you to successfully implement and bill for CCM services include:

  • Information about CCM and its benefits
  • Eligibility and billing information
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Resources to help educate your patients about CCM