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Digital Front Door Solutions from PracticeSuite

The “Digital Front Door” concept is now essential in modern practices. It represents the seamless integration of technologies needed to enhance patient engagement and operational efficiency.

The surge in patient volumes during the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the integration of digital channels into the patient journey. Consumers – especially young ones – look to healthcare organizations to utilize modern technology for effective engagement.1

PracticeSuite, a leading provider of healthcare management solutions, is at the forefront of this movement, offering innovative tools designed to transform patient care delivery.

Increased Demand for Digital Interaction

A recent survey revealed that over 80% of patients prefer digital communication with their providers for appointment reminders, prescription notifications, and follow-up instructions.2

The same study also found that 66% of consumers would select a provider based on timely and consistent communication.

Higher levels of patient and provider communication are correlated with better patient adherence to care, which is strongly associated with improved patient outcomes.

PracticeSuite offers a broad selection of digital solutions to optimize communications – from Telehealth and customizable reminders to no-show re-engagement. Other tools include broadcast messaging and a two-way chat so patients can reply to any reminder and chat with your staff over SMS.

A Desire for Personalized Care

In the digital era, patients expect a more personalized digital experience from their physicians and nurses through online scheduling, e-payments, and virtual intake.

Digital healthcare is no longer a trend but a need. This shift from traditional to digital care is crucial for staying competitive, boosting patient loyalty, and improving outcomes.

Healthcare organizations are adopting digital models akin to those in retail to attract new patients and retain existing ones through user-friendly digital experiences. The capability to maintain patient engagement is vital and is becoming a key differentiator for providers.

Healthcare Labor Shortages and Burnout

Staffing shortages remain a critical issue in healthcare, fueled by an aging workforce, high attrition, and extensive burnout. Globally, the shortfall of health workers is projected to reach 10 million by 2030.

These shortages limit the resources available to providers, highlighting the pressing need to implement technology-driven automation solutions. Doctors spend over 30% of their time on administrative tasks4, which leaves them with less time to engage with patients, negatively impacting patient experiences.

PracticeSuite ‘s Digital Front Door offers a variety of solutions, such as multi-location scheduling and practice management tools to streamline your practice operations.

Understanding Today's Healthcare Consumer is Key

Recognizing the needs of today’s healthcare consumers is crucial. Like in other industries, patients now expect more personalized and convenient digital experiences.

Digital solutions improve patient engagement and operational effectiveness while reducing burnout and labor shortages.

Responding to these evolving expectations can keep providers competitive, foster patient loyalty, and enhance care. PracticeSuite ‘s Digital Front Door solutions show how technology can satisfy these requirements, resulting in improved patient outcomes and a more effective healthcare system.

See how implementing PracticeSuite’s Digital Front Door solution is transforming the way providers and patients interact today.


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