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Claimocity Integration with PracticeSuite

Mobile Practice Management
Exclusively for Hospitalists

Reduce Administrative Burdens and Maximize Bottom-Line Billing Revenue

Get Higher RCM Efficiency & Ranking with PracticeSuite’s medical billing software platform.

What Makes Us Different?
We believe that doctors shouldn’t have to Just “take it” end accept the loss of wages that comes from Insurance hoops. obstacles, and burdens.

Insurance companies have a very clear financial Incentive to game the system because every denied claim, lost visit, unresolved Issue, or mistake In the process allows them to take more money from your wallet end put It In their pocket.

But you did the work so you should get paid for it!

The national average for lost wages due to bureacratlc lnefflclencles and administrative hurdles created by gray areas In the Insurance billing system Is between 20-30%.

That’s tens of thousands of dollars lost every year on an individual level and hundreds of thousands on a group love;.

We call it the Insurance Bureaucracy Income Tax.
Decrease Payment Delays

With Advanced Patient Payment and Insurance Processing Tools

Improve Timely Collections

Collections Manager for Submissions, Claim Status, Denials, and Appeals

Automate the Revenue Cycle

From Eligibility, to Claims, to Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

Measure Your Performance

From Eligibility, to Claims, to Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

See How PracticeSuite and Claimocity
Work Together!

The Claimocity medical practice management software and enhanced mobile charge capture
app is perfect for clinicians on the go who see patients in acute care or step down facilities.

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