Medical Billing Training Program

Welcome to Medical Billing Training!

Join our certified experts in a series of interactive webinars. Learn everything you need to know to be proficient using the PracticeSuite medical billing software platform.
Webinar 1
Scheduling and Patient
  • Review dashboards and confirm your practice setup parameters to ensure successful billing and collections.
  • Learn efficient techniques for adding patients and scheduling appointments.
  • Introduction of Company & Product
  • Patient
  • Search, Add, Edit Patient
  • Inactivate Patients
  • Add or modify Patient’s Insurance
  • Adding Cash Patients
  • Checking Eligbility
  • Adding Patient Alerts
  • Add Notes and View Activity
  • Overview of the Scheduler screen
  • Add/Edit appointments
  • Drag & drop appointments
  • Double booking appointment
  • Adding of Recurring appointments
  • Appointment Shortcuts
  • Void (deleting) appointments
  • Some appointment reports
  • User Setup: Add/Modify Users
  • Change/hide/reorder Provider columns
  • Add new Schedule Status
  • Setup Schedule Type and duration
  • Add Lookups – Patient Acct Type, Exam Room etc.
  • Merge Patients
  • Inactivate/Reactivate Patients
  • Void (delete) appointments
  • Adding new Appointment Statuses
  • Interface Customers: Single or Bidirectional sync – Important & need to know information
Webinar 2
  • Learn the ins and outs of charge posting and how to create and send claims (electronically and paper).
  • Monitor claim responses and how to efficiently work rejections
  • Charges
  • Enter Charges
  • Insurance and Patient Billing
  • Repeat Bills
  • Claims Workbench: Batching and Submission of claims
  • Working Rejections
  • Printing Claims
  • Clearinghouse portal access
  • Editing Charges (Charge Master) and explanation of Line Status
  • Interface Customers: Patient and Charge import from external system
  • X-Superbill screen for processing imported charges
  • Edit Charge: Inline/Charge Master
  • Claims Processing and Batching workflow
  • Standard Fee: Add/Edit Codes or Fees
  • Custom Fee Schedule: Add contracted fees
  • Setup Procedure defaults – Line Status, NDC, Modifier etc.
  • Setting up Service Locations/Place of Service
  • Add Multiple Practice or Billing Setups
  • Charge Entry: how to default DoS.
  • Entering NDC Codes
  • Voiding Line(s) or entire charge
  • Sending corrected claims electronically
  • Change Insurance coverage for a submitted claim
Webinar 3
  • See how to post cash and insurance based payments/denials.
  • Learn efficient ways to apply Cash payments.
  • Review payment retractions, balance forwards and others.
  • Patient Payment Entry
  • On Account: What does this mean?
  • Add new payments from Payment Entry screen
  • Manual Payment Posting
  • Mass Posting screen: Quick Patient Payment Posting
  • Denial Posting and Report
  • Reverse/Refund Payment or Reverse Payment from a Line
  • Refund unapplied money and Bulk Reversal
  • Voiding Payments or Refunds
  • Posting Reversals/Forwarding Balances
  • Add new Adjustment Reasons
  • Add a Custom Payment Type
  • Add a Custom Line Sub Status
  • Setup Auto Patient Payment Posting
  • What is On Account?
  • Auto apply copay on Charge Entry
  • Add Balance Forward for a patient
  • Add Interest Payment
Webinar 4
  • Learn how to process ERA.
  • Review ERA payment retractions and adjustments.
  • ERA Posting
  • ERA Posting workflow
  • Process Takebacks/Insurance Refunds
  • ERA Reconciliation Report
  • Enable/Disable ERA Auto download
  • Why some payments may not show in ERA Posting screen
  • Report to identify any unposted claims in ERA
  • Selecting a specific denial in ERA Posting when multiple denial codes are present.
  • Clearing any pending ERAs from list
Webinar 5
Patient Collections
  • Review how to generate patient statements and view statement history.
  • Review the complete Patient Collections cycle.
  • Learn how to implement pre-collection and standard collections workflows.
  • Patient Collections
  • Generate Patient Statements
  • Patient Statement History
  • Moving Patients to Pre-Collection
  • Generate file for Collection Agency
  • Setup Letters/ Pre-Collection Letters
  • Show Pay to address on statements instead of Practice address
  • Custom Message to show in the standard PDF statement
  • Exclude Patient / Claim from Statement generation
  • Statement Count: how does it work?
  • How to bill to guarantor?
  • Add Installment Plan/Generate Installment Letter
Webinar 6
Insurance Collections
  • See how to use the Collections Manager to work through denials, rejections, and appeals.
  • Learn to analyze receivables with the extensive aging report options.
  • Ins. Collections
  • Collection Manager overview
  • Working the No Response and Denied claims from Collection Manager
  • Run AR reports to identify and cleanup outstanding claims and denials
  • Setup Claim Response Threshold Limits
  • Add Collection Status and Sub Status
  • Insurance Aging Reports: Setup from DoS or Last Claim Date
  • Why some denied claims may not show up in Collection Manager
  • Add Appeal Letter to Collection Manager
  • Reports that show Collection Manager notes
Webinar 7
  • Learn all essential daily/month end reports to effectively monitor and track health of your Practice.
  • Perform month-end closes including partial and full closes.
  • Reports
  • Essential Scheduling, Patient, Billing, AR and Financial Reports
  • Appointment and Charges Reconciliation Reports
  • Month End Financial Reports
  • Month End Close Process
  • Audit Viewer Report: Setup and Patient Audit Trail
Webinar 8
UB04 Billing


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