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Which Medical Software Platform is best for you?
The obvious answer for us would be PracticeSuite. But, instead of saying that, we want to show you 12 things you’ll love about PracticeSuite and why 92k professionals agree it is #1.

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12 things you'll love about PracticeSuite

1. 100% Cloud-Based Practice Platform​

PracticeSuite has always been developed as a cloud-based single platform for practices. Use our all-in-one practice platform on your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

2. EHR with Telehealth for 61+ Specialties

PracticeSuite beautifully supports multi-location and multi-specialty practices. Our telehealth platform is included and patient-friendly.

3. Five-Star Medical Billing Services (RCM)

Extend your team with our award-winning RCM services. Our team is ready to aggressively pursue each dollar, if needed. 

4. White Glove Onboarding Support​

Live one-on-one training, on-site training, online guides and on-demand videos – we have onboarding resources to fit every need and learning style. Our #1 goal is to get you live and proficient with PracticeSuite.

5. Five Star Customer Support

With our cloud-based, easy-to-use platform, you likely won’t need as much customer support compared to “integrated” legacy systems. BUT our top-rated customer support team is available via phone, support portal, email, and live online chat! 

6. No Surprise Pricing

Practices face enough complexity in the medical industry. Our pricing is all-inclusive and locked in – no surprise price increases.

7. Patient Engagement, Reminders, and Broadcast Messaging​

Modernize your patient experience by tying together Appointment Reminders, Demand Messaging, Surveys, and Health Campaigns with 2-way texting messages. Give patients the experience they want.

8. eRegistration and Check-In​

Imagine your process on a mobile-first patient centered registration and check-in platform. Your forms and flow digitized. You’ll save staff and patients time while reducing errors and speeding reimbursement. 

9. ePayments and eStatements

Bills that are easier to pay, get paid. Simplify the patient billing and payment experience and you’ll be surprised how much more you can collect with ease.

10. Robust Analytics & Reporting​

We make it easy to track KPIs by role and department, customize reports and export your financials. Act more like a CFO, less like a bookkeeper.

11. Free eFax Account​

Paper faxing is out, and eFax is in. PracticeSuite is out to modernize all processes for efficiency and profitability. eFax comes standard with our platform.

12. Word Class Security Standards​

In a third-party security audit, PracticeSuite achieved SOC-2 compliance which goes beyond industry security requirements. We are proud to have the receipts to show how important you and your patients’ data is to us. 

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