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PracticeSuite Training Videos

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PracticeSuite Overview

1PracticeSuite Promo Video
2PracticeSuite - Practice Profitably
3PracticeSuite: Platform Highlights
5PracticeSuite: Tour Guide
6Overview & Dashboard
7PracticeSuite: Software Demonstration

Master Account Setup Videos

1Practice/Legal Entity Setup
2Setup Practice Work Hours
3Setup a New Provider
4Setup a New Service Location/Place of Service
5Setup Place of Service – Home (PoS -12)
6Attach a Provider to Legal Entities for Scheduling and/or Billing
7Fee Schedule & Procedure Code Setup
8Add a New Case Type
9Month End Close Process


10Security Screen - User and Access Management
11Add New User
12User Management - Add Additional Access
13User Management- Remote Access Restriction
14Reset User Password
15Deactivating User(s)


1Scheduler Overview
2Single Provider Blocks
3Double Book Appointments
4Add New Schedule Status
5Custom Canceled Status
6Search Appointments
7Check In Patients
8Cancel appointments
9Missed Appointments
10Scheduler: Print Letter
11Add Provider Vacations
12Scheduler: Print Letter


1Billing One Minute Overview
2Enter Charges
3Manual Charge Entry: Copy Last Charge
4Setup Procedure Groups (Macros)
5Manual Charge Entry: Selecting an Insurance for the Charge
6Manual Charge Entry: Create Charge for No Appointment Patients
7Manual Charge Entry: Change PoS or Service Location
8Enter Claim Note
9Put Charge on Hold
10Manual Charge Entry: Hold Charge with a Note
11Modify Charge Accounting Date
12View Line Activity
13Edit Charge and Rebill Claim
14Re-bill Claim(s)
15Void a Claim or Claim Line(s)
16Batch and Submit Claims
17Batch Claims for a Date of Service
18Print a Paper Claim
19Download a Claims Batch File
20View Previously Submitted Claim Batches
21Add Attorney
22Enter Institutional (UB04) Charge
23UB04 Patient & Case Setup


24Add a New Insurance Company
25Add New Insurance Plans
26Add Insurance for Patients
27Change Billing Method of an Insurance


28Process ERA Payment
29Manual Payment Posting
30Manual Posting: Posting Denials
31Add Adjustment Reason Codes
32Manual Payment Posting: EoB Posting and Balance Write Off
33Mass Write Off Claims
34Edit Payments
35Manual Payment Posting: Crossover Claims - Flag as CoB
36Post Payments and Run Deposit Report
37Mass Posting: Quick Patient Payment Posting
38Reverse a Payment
39Bulk Reverse Payments
40Void Payment(s)
41Void Refunds
42Apply Self Pay Cash Payment
43Copay Auto Posting


44Patient List & Details- C6. Patient Details Report
45Daily / Month Close Report
46Create Patient Statements
47Statements History and Balance Aging - C3. Patient Statement Summary Report


48Overview of Elation Health Interface
49Quest Shorter Demo
50Quanum Collections Manager


1Start a Clinical Note For Walk-In Patients
2Clinical Desktop: Add New Patient from EHR
3Start a Clinical Note For Scheduled Patients
4Med Entry


1Enter Patient
2Merging and Deactivating Patients
3Add Patients from the Charge Entry Screen
4Add Patient Account Types
5Minor Patients - Add a Guarantor
6Modify Guarantor Information
7Attach Patient's Insurance Card to the Patient Chart
8Eligibility Verification
9Scan and Attach Patient Documents
10Reviewing Patient's Ledger
11Electronic Prior Authorization Automation
12Track Authorizations
13Patient Case Overview and Management
14Setup a Cash (Self Pay) Case
15Change Patient's Case for an Encounter
16Switch Cases
17Patient Alerts and Recalls
18Setup a Patient Alert
19Enter Patient Payment and Print Receipt
20Post Patient Payment
21View Patient on Account Amount
22Patient Statements: Add a Dunning Message

Patient Portal

23Patient Portal

HIPAA Office

1HIPAA Office: Cloud Desktop and Secure Collaboration Suite
2HIPAA Office cloud desktop
3Secure Email - HIPAA Office
4Configure Email Account- HIPAA Office
5Secure File Sharing - HIPAA Office
6Secure Chat - HIPAA Office
7Secure Task App - HIPAA Office
8Secure Notepad - HIPAA Office
9Secure Groups - HIPAA Office
10Calendar App - HIPAA Office
11User Management - HIPAA Office
12Direct Trust and HIPAA Office
13Client ID - HIPAA Office


1Introducing Paid.MD
2Paid.MD - Billing Managers Best Friend

Online Review Management

1Introduction to Online Review Management System