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Best ICD 10 Coding Software Review

Code to the highest level of specificity. Find a billable code fast using the #1 rated ICD code search tool! Vastly different from the preceding ICD-9 coding strategy that was in use since 1979, ICD 10 adds far greater depth and specificity to diagnoses, which in turn makes it much more accurate and beneficial for modern medicine.

Of course, you need an ICD-10 compatible code search tool to find the codes you need. Whether you’re a physician, coding specialist, insurance employee, or other professional in the medical field, we highly recommend choosing the best search tool on the market. Today we’re reviewing the top eight contenders so you can make a more informed choice for your practice. Code to the highest level of specificity. Find a billable code fast!

Rated #1 ICD-10 Code Search by SoftwareAdvice


First on our list is PracticeSuite, a full-scale EHR program that focuses on delivering the highest quality medical billing assets in the industry. Its ICD-10 code search tool offers particular advantages because it’s not simply a derivative of 3M’s GEM crosswalk. It’s built specifically for ICD-10 integration. Code to the highest level of specificity – find a billable code fast here! Use this free code lookup, or you can use the trial version of our software and use the code lookup located within the software program.

You can find the ICD-10 search tools on three separate screens within the software. The program goes beyond simple GEM lookups, which simply look for corresponding codes between ICD-9 and ICD-10. It helps you map codes between the two systems until you find the code(s) most relevant and specific to the patient’s condition.

Using PracticeSuite’s advanced ICD-10 code search tools can reduce insurance denials as well as patient and coder frustration. They’re also excellent tools for teaching physicians and other professionals how to code properly after the switch.

We’ve noticed that our customers who previously struggled with billing and coding issues dramatically improved their efficiency and accuracy with PracticeSuite’s ICD-10 search tools. By placing the codes in context, we make it easier for you to select the correct code every time.

Medicare’s General Equivalence Mapping (GEM)

Many medical practices are using Medicare’s General Equivalence Mapping, or GEM, to translate codes. The GEM crosswalks offer several benefits. For one, they’re easy to use and understand, and they don’t require much additional training.

However, even Medicare admits that GEMs don’t serve as a substitute for learning ICD-10 coding. It is difficult to insure that a billable code is selected using CMS’s GEM lookup. Offices that don’t use more advanced tools and devote time to training will probably see increased denials and large billing backlogs. (read full review)

AAPC Code Online Translation Tool

We like that the AACP offers its ICD-10 code search tool for a free trial. It offers a well-designed interface with plenty of information in its knowledge base. However, it’s based on the GEM mapping protocol, which makes it less useful. (read full review)


ICD-10 Code Search: Users love SuperCoder‘s screen layout and its modifier indicators, which helps it rank highly on our list.


HIPAAspace is yet another crosswalk program that helps bridge the gap between ICD-9 and ICD-10. The software offers several tools, as well as non-ICD-10 software. (Read full review.)


We’ve given ICD10Data a relatively high score on this list because it’s entirely free. If you can’t afford to buy an ICD-10 search tool for your practice, you might get lots of mileage out of this option. (Read our full review here.)


Find-A-Code offers plenty of attractive features, but we’re not impressed with the user reviews about its search functionality. (Read our full review here.)

Many ICD-10 code search tools don’t receive much attention from users on the internet. GEM crosswalks can reveal thousands of potential map trails between ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes, but coders without the necessary training will have to make an educated guess or turn to other resources for guidance.

ICD-10 Coding Software Review

In this review of 2023 best diagnosis code search tools, we discover GEM tools are mostly inadequate and probably shouldn’t be used as a crosswalk in a live healthcare setting. Instead, code to the highest level of specificity using PracticeSuite #1 rated ICD-10 Code Look up. Find a billable code fast!

Now that you’re familiar with your options for ICD-10 code search tools, which will work best for your practice? If you’re looking for the most thorough, user-friendly, contextual option, give PracticeSuite a try. Sign up for the sandbox account to get a taste of what our code search tools can offer.