Telehealth Resources – FAQ

Resources – FAQ

As your Telehealth partner, we strive to provide every tool you need to practice remotely. Read through our self-guided materials and sign up for a webinar to get started.

How does it work?

Use of the platform technology is provided at no cost to set up, implement and train. For each video-chat or telephonic consult there is a .49 cent transaction fee which includes all SMS text associated with the visit.

There are no monthly minimums. It is a pay for usage only model, with the per transaction usage fee billed at the end of every month.

As soon as 24 hours once executing the agreement.

CPT codes vary by payers, please check payer specific guidelines for billing.

We now offer an all-inclusive pricing of $.49 per Telehealth session.

Internet speeds should be at least 15 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload.

At this time we cannot provide direction on billing automobile insurance companies for Telehealth visits, we suggest contacting the individual payer as the regulations and guidelines are changing quickly, payer by payer.

Recent guidelines from CMS indicate that a provider may treat across state lines. We suggest staying updated with the latest information at

The latest known information at time of publishing, Medicare has approved telemedicine visits to be reimbursed at 100% of the face-to-face fee schedule, please stay updated at with changing regulations.

Yes, the platform can work on any device at any location as long as an internet connection is available. Within the application you can invite family members or care givers to join the visit while caring for the patient.

There are no dependencies on an EHR platform. The product is software independent. The Telehealth visit information is automatically generated and stored in the PracticeSuite Telehealth folder. You may use that information as needed to complete documentation in another platform and/or paper charting.

PracticeSuite Telehealth can be utilized with any EHR software. After the telemedicine visit is complete, the Telehealth visit documentation can be exported to a PDF for import into the EHR of your choosing.

The text message comes from a random phone number; at this time they will not be able to call or reply back to that message.

No, account creation is not required. Once the patient clicks the link, the PracticeSuite Telehealth app will download and join the room for the visit to begin.

No, this functionality is under consideration for future development.

Yes, the provider may document during the call, the video popup can be moved within the screen to allow the provider to start a note.

No, this functionality is under consideration for future development within Telehealth. Utilizing your current EHR platform, most have the option to share patient education material via the Patient Portal, including PracticeSuite EHR.

The link is created dynamically upon initiating the Telehealth visit, so it is unique to each visit and only good until the session ends. The patient may search the Apple app store or Google Play for “PS TeleMed” to download the app prior to their visit.

There is no current integration, but is under consideration for future development.

Written consent is unavailable at this time within the e-visit launch. Written consent will have to be obtained through your patient portal prior to the call.

No, this functionality is under consideration for future development. An alternative is utilizing patient portal to accept payments if utilizing PracticeSuite ePayments.

For initial product rollout, use of PracticeSuite Telehealth is immediate – and instant.

Two-way text messaging is not possible at this time, only chatting via PracticeSuite Telehealth application is available.

The billing company can offer the platform to its provider base with the assistance of a PracticeSuite Telehealth Consultant helping to position and market it to your providers.

All providers need face to face time with their patients to continue care. Chiropractors are no different. Their patients need continued monitoring and patient education. The provider can set up eConsults to provide online visit for updates and current conditions or recommending treatment. Some of our groups offer this service at a per visit self-pay cost for their patients.

There is no hardware dependency for PracticeSuite Telehealth.

Upon PracticeSuite Telehealth visit initiation a text message is sent automatically from within PracticeSuite. You do have the option to copy the link after the visit has started and share with the patient via email and/or the Patient Portal messaging.

This product will allow you to continue to contact your base and train them remotely from the application platform

Please contact us at to discuss your options.

We utilize and follow all HIPAA and HITECH guidelines to ensure we protect the privacy of our providers and their patients. PracticeSuite is an ONC-ATB 2015 –Stage 3 certified EMR Technology with integrated Practice Management with the CMS EHR CERT ID 0015ERF7DWN84MJ.

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