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Practice Management Hack #19: Delegate, Focus, Separate, And Use Technology

When an office manager allows themselves to be overwhelmed with responsibility, then the entire organization suffers. Sometimes an office manager will bring personal problems to the office and that can affect decisions that are made during the work day. Everyone expects office managers to be busy, but there are plenty of ways that office managers can stay busy while also retaining their productivity.

Delegate To Your Team’s Strengths
Employment experts understand the temptation that every office manager faces to want to do all of the important tasks themselves. Many office managers feel that they were hired to take care of the important tasks, so those tasks should be attended to personally by the manager.
But if you want to remain productive as an office manager, then it is critical for you to learn how to delegate responsibilities and build your office team. A good manager knows the strengths and weaknesses of everyone on their staff and that is the information that manager uses to make good delegating decisions.

When You’re Right, Stick To Your Guns (metaphorically)
It can be easy to slide into the role of a “yes person” who simply does everything asked of them, regardless as to what that bidding may be. But your boss is not with you every day running the office and dealing with your challenges. Not only that, but you were put in the position of office manager because of your know how, talents and abilities.

Instead of looking for direction from others, keep doing what you know to be right. That does not mean that you disregard expectations from senior management as that could be career suicide, but when you know that you are right and you know you can justify the decisions you make, then stick to best practices and move forward.

Separate Work And Home
According to, dealing with personal issues at work can take your focus off of your important work tasks. As an office manager, you need to be at your best each hour you are at the office, if not the practice and other workers may suffer the consequences. That is why it is best to resolve all personal issues before you go to work and resolve all work issues before you go home. The more you can do to prevent work and home from overlapping, the more productive you will be in the office.

Use Medical Practice Management Software To Make Life Easier
If you run a medical office, then you have several layers of responsibilities you have to take care of on any given day. From medical billing to insurance carrier guidelines, life as a medical practice office manager can be extremely chaotic and challenging.

The best way to become more productive in the medical field is to use reliable medical practice management software. This is software that will help you to keep track of all of the important information you need to run the office, and will also help you ensure that all of the billing and insurance requirements are taken care of.

If you want help in easing the stress of running your office, consider evaluating the medical practice management software from PracticeSuite. Since the PracticeSuite solution is accessible through the cloud, it allows you to easily expand your office and access your software from any connected device. Become a more productive medical office manager by checking out the Practice Suite solution today.

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