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Assure Medical Practice Success With These Leadership Tips

Your medical practice needs to offer the best medical services to every single person who walks through your door. Quality service begins with a well-running staff ready for an influx of clients on any given day. They must record the proper patient information, schedule appointments, handle billing issues and address problems that may arise. Your office cannot run by itself. It needs professional leadership so all operations run smoothly. Whether you are a physician running a small practice or a staff manager operating a large clinic, improving your leadership skills can ensure all tasks and functions are completed in the best and most efficient manner.

Here are 5 leadership techniques to help you take charge of your medical practice.

Become Involved

It is easy to think the office can run itself as you concentrate on your patient care duties. Put down your coffee, your stethoscope, put your computer on standby and get out into the main office area. Observe your staff for problems, and interact with them to smooth away any issues with their tasks.

When you do return to your office, always be available to take calls and email messages from staff and clients. Follow-up is a necessity in the medical profession. Return calls to show that your practice cares about the well-being of every patient that calls in with a medical problem.

Lead By Example

Staff will give your more respect when they see you getting your own hands dirty. During those insane days when the phones ring nonstop and every chair in the waiting room is filled up, jump into action. There shouldn’t be any task in the office that you don’t know how to do efficiently.
Show your expertise with professionalism, kindness, respect and a calm manner and your staff will follow by example. Also, keep a professional appearance at all times by showing up to work on time, wearing the appropriate attire and adopting the right work ethics.

Enforce Office Policies

There is no favoritism in the workplace. Treat everyone with mutual respect and enforce office policy that is detailed in your employee handbook. When an employee breaks the rules, take swift action to address and correct the problem.

One rule you should be sure to enforce is ‘in-office’ gossip. Gossip creates a hostile working environment for everyone as people take sides and slow down office operations with their bickering. A strict no-gossip office will keep the staff professionals focused on their daily duties.

Promote Open Communication

Staff meetings let everyone voice their concerns, brainstorm new ideas and give advice on how to make the office a better working environment. Promote open communication with every member of the staff. Group meetings should instill a sense of responsibility and pride in every staff member to do a better job as they will feel their opinions matter.

Always Remain Proactive

It’s easy to lose faith in your abilities as the day wears on. Stay motivated in what you do, continually learn from your job while teaching others, and stay positive even when you struggle in your leadership role. Nobody is born a great leader. Leadership is learned through constant dedication to your profession.

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