Medical office systems seem complicated and difficult to use, but they should actually streamline your medical practice’s efforts to control data and manage your time wisely. Some systems prove more effective than others, which is why we’re reviewing the best medical office systems available to practices. Today, we’re reviewing eClinicalWorks, an effective choice that suffers from a few drawbacks. If you’re shopping around for a medical office system, you can use this information to make a more educated decision.
Pros of eClinicalWorks

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If you already have an EMR or EHR and you’d like to switch, you’ll find the transition seamless with eClinicalWorks. The system allows you to transfer patient and practice data automatically, which can save hours of manual labor for your staff. Additionally, users report accurate data transfers, which means that you probably won’t have to manually make adjustments after you complete the shift.
Customer and maintenance support also stands out as a major benefit of eClinicalWorks. You can get someone on the phone 24/7, and you can also use the online chat feature if that’s more convenient. Additionally, when you first buy eClinicalWorks, you get free on-site training and installation. Since some companies charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for this service, you’ll appreciate the financial benefits.
Cons of eClinicalWorks
While eClinicalWorks shines brightest for internal medicine and primary care practitioners, it’s also proved effective for other major specialties.
While users speak highly of eClinicalWorks’ speech recognition and customization options, they’re less enthusiastic about the system’s charting and document management.
What Customers Say About eClinicalWorks
Numerous practice managers and physicians have reviewed eClinicalWorks. For instance, Jennifer from the Central Texas Pain Center calls eClinicalWorks “a plus for AR” thanks to its simple and intuitive reporting tool”
Clearly, eClinicalWorks offers many benefits as a medical office system.
Compare PracticeSuite, which features one of the highest user ratings in the market. Best of all, you can sign up for our free practice management software and experience the difference for yourself.

Last Updated on October 26, 2016

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