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Integrating Quality Customer Service With Patient Care

Customer service
Patient care should not be confused with customer service. When customer service overtakes patient care, lives are on the line.

Every successful business needs to focus on customer satisfaction in order to thrive, but when you run a medical practice, the line between customer and patient can become blurred. In a traditional business, such as a hardware store, a restaurant, or an IT services provider, customers are, in a sense, customers, and therefore, they need to receive quality service, but the treatment they receive is not often a matter of life or death. When you run a medical practice, however, customers are also patients, meaning that service then also becomes an issue of personal care. As a medical professional, you can’t simply provide customer service because of its effect on your bottom line. Instead, you need to provide patient care due to your oath to protect human life.

How Medical Billing Affects Customer Service and Patient Care

Billing is an essential function of any medical practice, and improper billing can not only create unhappy customers. it can be detrimental to patient care and health. Billing discrepancies can cause stress and a lack of trust between your practice and its patients, leading to patients potentially avoiding your practice when they need treatment the most. In addition, a patient who has been billed for services that he or she did not expect may take the medical coding as gospel, meaning he or she may have a more serious medical concern than what is being billed, leading to the potential for avoidance of treatment.

You Need the Best Software in Order to Ensure Accurate Coding
In order to assure both customer service and patient care, medical software is key in the age of the Internet, and more and more patients expect to be able to communicate with physicians, resolve billing disputes, and receive healthcare information online. In the past, this was difficult to do for many practices as it involved intensive hours of manpower and valuable resources, but through the advent of cloud-based technologies, patients are now able to take care of everything from desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other Internet-connected devices.

By employing the latest cloud-based medical software, you can deliver the best in customer service while providing superior patient care from virtually anywhere that an Internet connection is available. This, in turn, can boost patient confidence, reduce wasted revenue, and increase overall patient health.

Learn How PracticeSuite Can Help Bridge the Gap
PracticeSuite provides cloud-based billing and practice management software solutions that can help your medical facility bridge the gap between customer service and patient care. The professionals at PracticeSuite have developed these solutions with medical professionals in mind, but they have also taken into account the customer experience as a major driving factor.

When you take advantage of your unlimited free version of PracticeSuite’s medical billing software, you’re able to deliver service that a customer will remember combined with care that can change a patient’s life. To start your trial version today, click here to sign up.


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