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Software for Apple, Mac, Safari, and iPad

PracticeSuite’s Medical Billing software can be used on any Apple or Mac computer or notebook running Safari. Our Electronic Health Record software is ideally suited for iPad!

PracticeSuite’s Single-Screen charting tool allows an entire encounter note to be crafted in a single window without moving away from the charting screen. Use a stylus, keyboard, scanner, or dictation to input data.
Largely inspired by input from our users, our Mac EMR software has matured through ‘just enough evolution’ by suggestions from our experienced medical professionals, who critically need the portability offered by the iPad, and the anywhere, anytime ease of Safari to access their patient records.

At the technology level, PracticeSuite’s EMR/EHR solution is a platform-independent, flexible, robust application that works on all Operating Systems (Mac, Windows, Linux), and because it is browser-based, it works on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, and others.

The growing ubiquity of the iPhone operating system (which the iPad runs on) bodes a bright future for any enterprise clinical technology designed specifically for the iPad.

Clinical, Medical Billing, and Scheduling Software for Apple, MAC, Safari, iPad

Traditional EMR software runs on expensive local servers that can never benefit from Apple’s elegant iPad technology, and although there are many applications developed specifically for the iPad, these are not cross platform and cannot run on Windows Tablets and Notebooks, or Google’s Android, which is a Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Because PracticeSuite’s EMR is platform-independentanddesigned for the iPad, it uniquely meets the needs of today’s medical professional who requires a mobile hardware solution that is lightweight, offers extended battery life, and is affordably priced. Apple’s elegant technology of theiPadis a perfect combination to PracticeSuite’s single screen EHR technology.

If Steven Jobs had designed an Electronic Medical Record, it might look something like PracticeSuite’s polished EMR charting tool. PracticeSuite’s iPad EMR could be described as an almost perfect marriage of hardware and software, putting your patient records right where you need them, at your fingertips!

Medical Billing Software

Our billing software for Mac, is a rich featured practice management software solution used by over 25,000 medical professionals nationwide in over 150 billing specialties. This medical billing system is a comprehensive, end-to-end, complete coding and billing software for creating and filing ICD-10 medical claims, posting payments and adjustments, creating patient statements, and managing patient balances.

Appointment Scheduling

Our patient appointment scheduling software for Apple computers and notebooks is a powerful and flexible appointment calendar that is completely integrated with the billing, insurance, and clinical, and can be used for one doctor or one hundred doctors in a practice. Our scheduling software solution is in use by over 25,000 medical professionals nationwide in over 150 billing specialties!

Patient Portal

PracticeSuite’s practice portal facilitates easy and HIPAA compliant communication with your patients that meets the patient engagement requirements for MU Stage 2 compliance. Ideal for MAC laptops and Notebooks, our practice communication portal allows your patients to receive and send secure emails, instant messages, view balances and pay them in a single click, view statements, communicate with staff to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, facilitate referrals, update insurance data, and view any test or lab results that you share with them.

One the backside, our patient portal has an ePackage secure messaging component that gives you the ability to create and send eStatements, eReminders, eFollowUp and eRecalls to email or smart phones.

Collections WorkBench

In the event that patient pay is missed, or claims are rejected or denied, we offer a sophisticated collections workbench that allows your back office staff to efficiently work A/R and stay on task by providing up-to-the moment reporting of all claim statuses, uncollected insurance balances and patient pay, days in A/R, or how long it has been since a claim was attended to.

Medical Software

PracticeSuite’s clinical, billing, appointment scheduling, collections workbench and patient portal comprise an All-In-One software solution that is able to connect every facet of your apple computer based medical practice or healthcare business. Our products are native to Apple, MAC, Safari, and iPad and can be used anywhere, anytime, on any device with excellent results. If you’re a big fan of Apple, you will love PracticeSuite.

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