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Poised for Growth: 2 Ways Practice Management Software Can Help

Starting a medical practice is tough enough, but running one can be even tougher in the long term. Practice owners or managers have to contend with a variety of challenges, including keeping up with the latest in regulations and laws while simultaneously balancing budgets with patient satisfaction.


Combined, these challenges can become difficult for one person or even a team to manage, but thankfully, there are software options available to help. Practice management software solutions can streamline everything from scheduling patient appointments to record keeping to cash flow, and many practice management systems are now available through cloud-based technology.

How the Cloud Helps Practice Management
In the past, software for practice management had to be installed and maintained on-site. This meant that physicians and their staff could only access patient and office data when physically in the office. The limitation of this, of course, is that a treating physician then had to have access to office computers in order to provide patient care. Using the cloud, software for practice management can be accessed from a multitude of Internet-connected devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Through this approach, a physician or manager can analyze and interact with patient data in real-time outside of the office in order to meet patient needs. Another benefit to using cloud-based technology is that all maintenance and upgrades occur off-site, so physicians and administrators can devote more time to patient satisfaction.

ICD is Important
The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) is an integral part of not only treating patients properly, but also billing them properly. With the incorrect use of ICD codes comes a host of concerns regarding lost revenue and the possibility of damaging patient relationships. If your staff is not using the right software for practice management, you may end up billing patients too much or short-changing your facility.

Handling your practice management needs with the right software can ensure greater accuracy in coding. This means that patients will be more likely to receive correct bills, thereby creating greater brand loyalty. In addition, the updated ICD-10 standard is coming, so you’ll want to choose a practice management solution that has already addressed this change.

PracticeSuite Provides Practice Management Solutions in the Cloud
If you’re interested in growing your medical practice, developing patient relationships, and building brand loyalty, software solutions for practice management from PracticeSuite can help. Using cloud-based technology, PracticeSuite offers you the ability to have a greater focus on revenue management and patient care, ultimately leading to an increased viability for your facility.

On top of that, PracticeSuite’s solutions offer support for ICD-10 built in. PracticeSuite is committed to supporting medical professionals in their efforts to provide quality care to patients, upgrade opportunities for advanced features are available. To learn more about how PracticeSuite can deliver top-quality practice management solutions, visit PracticeSuite today.

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