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Software provider aims to help medical practices adversely impacted by storms in the Caribbean and along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coastlines.


PracticeSuite, Inc., a medical office software and service company for medical practices, has launched a storm assistance program for clients impacted by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

“We are greatly concerned by the devastation caused by the recent storms,” said Vinod Nair, Founder and CEO of PracticeSuite. “We are supporting our medical practice clients, their staff, and their patients by donating funds to the affected areas and assisting individual medical practices in their recovery efforts.”

The PracticeSuite community’s first line of response began with donating emergency relief funds delivered through organizations with people on the ground in the storms’ impact zones. PracticeSuite has invited its national customer base to join in this response.

The second part of the program targets the ongoing efforts necessary to restore service and patient care to the impacted areas, including waivers for subscription services during times of office closure due to evacuation, staff displacement, and practice restoration resulting from storm damage.

“The waiver portion of the assistance program will provide an immediate and practical benefit to our clients,” said Terry Douglas, Vice President of Marketing. “We seek to identify other ways to assist as the recovery efforts continue for our clients in the Caribbean and affected US states.”

PracticeSuite urges its clients to submit an assistance request as soon as they are able. All requests can be initiated at the program’s webpage and takes only seconds to complete.

Last Updated on October 22, 2020

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