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SECURE OFFICE – Secure, Compliant Office Productivity Application Suite

SECURE Office is a secure collaboration platform and suite of office productivity applications that solves two high risk problems faced by physicians today: 1. Doctors have become a primary target for hacking and ransomware attacks, and 2. HIPAA fines are increasing in frequency and severity.

92% of physicians use text message or inner office instant messaging to communicate among staff and colleagues regarding their patient’s condition, treatment, and order status among other things. Cellular networks are intrinsically insecure in data transmission and data storage, and data is continuously data mined making any mention of patients a potentially finable violation. Secondly, all communication regarding a patient must be tracked and made available to the patient upon request via a compliance required hipaa audit report.

SECURE OFFICE supplies both the security and the audit tracking required by law, but equally important it provides an office productivity platform that meets the needs of an entire medical office.

Furthermore, any communication regarding a patient deemed pertinent can ultimately be attached to the patient’s EHR record or sent to any other Direct Trust® participating physician.

SECURE OFFICE productivity suite includes:

  • Secure Email that’s easy to both send and receive.
  • Sender defined Recipient Authentication, which requires no program sign-on by the recipient.
  • Secure File Manager and File Sharing with permissions and tracking.
  • Secure Instant Messaging and Chat for private and confidential communication.
  • Secure Shared Task to assign tasks to yourself and others and track the status of tasks.
  • People Search to connect with others, within and outside your group. Physicians are able to search and connect with colleagues via Direct Trust.
  • Secure Shared Calendars to schedule events and collaborate with other platform users
  • Instant Notifications, which are shown in the Events App, and you can receive notifications on your Smartphone or browser when new emails, chats, and alerts are received.

Hacking Threats Rendered Pointless
SECURE OFFICE employs three-step sign on and five separate layers of distributed encryption that effectively makes user data unobtainable and useless to hackers.

  1. Encrypted Identity with three-step sign on
  2. Encrypted Files and Storage
  3. Encrypted Transmission
  4. User created “EnCrypt” key, without which all data on our platform remains in a scrambled state
  5. Recipient Authentication

SECURE OFFICE renders ransomware attacks obsolete as no data lives locally on any of the medical office’s computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones or other devices.

The true ‘killer application’ feature that sets SECURE OFFICE apart from all competing productivity suites such as Microsoft’s Office 360, or Google’s G-Suite, is its patent pending Patient Identifier that attaches all communication regarding a patient to a singular record which forms the basis of the compliance-required hipaa audit report which can be requested by any patient at any time and must be produced upon request. Only SECURE OFFICE offers this key compliance feature, which is set within the context of a formidable office productivity platform rivaling Office360 and G-Suite.

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