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PracticeSuite Telehealth : Don’t Fall Behind the Technology Curve

Telehealth is becoming the new norm, make sure your practice is up to date

Written by: Savannah Lowry

Technology opens new doors everyday, and for the healthcare field a strong advancement is the world of telehealth. As we are never one to slack on innovation, PracticeSuite has launched our own Telehealth platform for practices.

Now, more than ever it has been proven that technology is a saving option for many businesses in hard and unique times. For practices specifically, technology gives the option of telehealth. A telehealth platform allows for safe medical care from anywhere- no contact or risk of infection involved. Patients get care from the comfort of their own home, and doctors have the option of working in or out of the office.

The telehealth industry is projected to be a 10 billion dollar business by the end of 2020. Of course, much of this growth is attributed to the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic that has unfortunately led to the closing of many practices.

It has been the practices that thought beyond the office and have a telehealth option to offer for treating patients that has allowed them to continue to practice and bring in revenue.  In other words, telehealth has been a big divider in who sinks and floats in hard times.
The use of a telehealth platform is what divides practices between those that hold titles of innovation in the healthcare sphere, and those that sit behind in a world of opportunity- an image no medical establishment should ever have.

Although this Spring brought some odd and stressful times that hopefully are never something the world has to endure again, it does share the ultimate message that when there is an opportunity to innovate or technologically advance, your business should take advantage of it. It is time to shift the view from telehealth being a nice addition to have, to a norm in the technological age that should be a given element at any practice.

Not only does telehealth provide the obvious benefit of being able to see patients on screen from any location, but telehealth also improves a practice’s efficiency, reduces costs, and gives the appearance that the practice is one committed to keeping up with the modern medical world. All of these factors have the common ground of growing your practice and improving your practice’s fiscal ability.

Head to our website’s Telehealth platform page to learn about our solution and how you can instill our platform at your practice and start growing and advancing today.

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