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Universal Telehealth Access – A Message From PracticeSuite CEO, Vinod Nair

Remote Patient Care – Stay Connected – See Patients Securely With Video and Chat

From the desk of Vinod Nair

Dear PracticeSuite clients,

I trust you and everyone are all safe in the comfort of your home and have visibility into the safety of your near and dear ones.

The current CV situation has put severe financial pressure on an already struggling medical practice. With increasing number of people asked to stay, combined with the looming financial uncertainty and possibility of a recession─ patients are looking for alternate to visiting a doctor’s office for non-urgent matters.

Large companies such as Amazon have bought every essential to consumers’ doorstep. Is it possible to take healthcare one-step further? To consult a doctor from the comfort of patient’s home.

It is vital to continue to provide care and be with the patient addressing their medical needs from a new radical “POINT-OF-CARE” ─ the comfort of their home where today feel secure and safe. CMS has accepted this new paradigm and enacted (and relaxed) new guidelines to meet the current CV crises.

At the forefront of this difficult and unpleasant realities is─ the most painful question─, how is your practice going to continue to maintain the cash flow? The surprising and simple answer is─ graciously embrace the forced shift into Telemedicine. This will generate the revenue so your practice can continue to sustain through this difficult times. On the surface, it may be seem insurmountable, but do not worry, we are here to help our clients. To make it easier for our clients, we have taken massive steps on a war footing to enable our practices to continue to work. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

As a Silicon Valley tech innovator, PracticeSuite released an end-to-end Telemedicine package. This will include scheduling, TeleVisit, patient notifications, clinical encounter documentation, and billing. You can instantly begin secure and HIPAA Complaint TeleVisit inside PracticeSuite system.


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