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PracticeSuite for Orthopedics

Orthopedic EHR, Practice Management, and Medical Billing Software

Manage Your Entire Practice On A Single Platform. With an affordable all in one solution for in-office and remote patient care. PracticeSuite provides flexible workflows to help organize your practice and keep it operating at peak efficiency; as well as a complete end to end virtual practice that allows you to treat any patient, anywhere, on any device.

Empower your orthopedic practice to do more​

Simplify coding and reduce burnout

Easily view imaging data on a variety of devices

Streamline prescribing for patient with multiple prescriptions

Strong documentation over long periods of time


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We never share your information with anyone

Over 15,000 medical professionals from solo practitioners to large groups and medical centers rely on PracticeSuite’s cloud based medical billing technology to efficiently run their practice. Every feature required to run 150 different practice specialties is available but the system allows you to customize and simplify screens to see only what you want and need in each area of the software.


Support clinical decisions in patient recovery


Maximize practice operations by cutting down on front-office burden

Gamechange your orthopedic practice today​

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