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PracticeSuite for Urology

Urology EHR, Practice Management, and Medical Billing Software​

Support Practice Growth​

Manage Your Entire Practice On A Single Platform. With an affordable all in one solution for in-office and remote patient care. PracticeSuite provides flexible workflows to help organize your practice and keep it operating at peak efficiency; as well as a complete end to end virtual practice that allows you to treat any patient, anywhere, on any device.

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PracticeSuite's increased interoperability will

Erase duplication of work

Reduce clinical documentation errors

Minimize administrative costs


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We never share your information with anyone

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Over 15,000 medical professionals from solo practitioners to large groups and medical centers rely on PracticeSuite’s cloud based medical billing technology to efficiently run their practice. Every feature required to run 150 different practice specialties is available but the system allows you to customize and simplify screens to see only what you want and need in each area of the software.

Practice Management​

Robust modules that fit the way you work

Communicate with patients in ways most convenient to them

Extra support for your front-office staff to keep things running smoothly

Adaptable dashboards and workflows that truly work

Keep everything seamlessly connected to ensure top performing practice management

Software that quickly leads providers through procedure codes

Simplify image comparison and gather data from different imaging devices

Proven Revenue Cycle Management solutions that can identify and fix lost revenue from patient balances and unpaid claims.

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