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ICD-10 Psychiatry Superbill Example

Appointment Date & Time: Last Seen Date:
Patient: Gender: DOB: MR# Pat Due: INS Due:
Address: Reason:
Home Phone: Cell Phone: E-Mail:
Case Name: Case No: Case Type: Case Date:
Pr Insurance: Member ID: Co-Pay Amount: Deductible:
Rendering Provider: PCP: Referring Provider:
CPT CodeDescriptionCPT CodeDescriptionCPT CodeDescription
90791Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation90849Multiple-Family Group Psychotherapy90880Hypnotherapy
90792Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation with Medical Services90853Group Psychotherapy (Other Than of a Multiple-Family Group)90882Environmental Intervention for Medical Management Purposes on a Psychiatric Patient’s Behalf With Agencies, Employers, or Institutions
90832Individual Psychotherapy, 30 minutes with patient and/or family member90865Narcosynthesis for Psychiatric Diagnostic and Therapeutic Purposes90885Psychiatric Evaluation of Hospital Records, Other Psychiatric Reports, Psychometric and/or Projective Tests, and Other Accumulated Data for Medical Diagnostic Purposes
90834Individual Psychotherapy, 45 minutes with patient and/or family member90867Therapeutic Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation90887Interpretation or Explanation of Results of Psychiatric, Other Medical Examinations and Procedures, or Other Accumulated Data to Family or Other Responsible Persons, or Advising Them How to Assist Patient
90837Individual Psychotherapy, 60 minutes with patient and/or family member90868Subsequent TMS Delivery and Management,90889Preparation of Report of Patient’s Psychiatric Status, History, Treatment, or Progress (Other Than for Legal or Consultative Purposes) for Other Physicians, Agencies, or Insurance Carriers
90845Psychoanalysis90869Subsequent TMS Motor Threshold Re-Determination with Delivery and Management90899Unlisted Psychiatric Service or Procedure
90846Family Psychotherapy (Without the Patient Present)90870Electroconvulsive Therapy95970, 95974, 95975Neurostimulators, Analysis–Programming
90847Family Psychotherapy (Conjoint Psychotherapy) (With Patient Present)90875Individual Psychophysiological Therapy Incorporating Biofeedback Training by any ModalityM0064Brief Office Visit for the Sole Purpose of Monitoring or Changing Drug Prescriptions Used in the Treatment of Mental Psychoneurotic and Personality Disorders
F00Dementia in Alzheimer’s diseaseF39Unspecified mood (affective) disordersF52Sexual dysfunction, not caused by organic disorders or disease
F01Vascular dementiaF40Phobic anxiety disordersF64Gender identity disorders
F02Dementia in other diseases classified elsewhereF41Other anxiety disordersF65Disorders of sexual preference
F03Unspecified dementiaF48Other neurotic disordersF66Psychological and behavioural disorders associated with sexual development and orientation
F04Organic amnesic syndrome, not induced by alcohol and other psychoactive substancesF44Dissociative (conversion) disordersF71Moderate mental retardation
F05Delirium, not induced by alcohol and other psychoactive substancesF42Obsessive – compulsive disordersF72Severe mental retardation
F06Other mental disorders due to brain damage and dysfunction and to physical diseaseF43.0Acute stress reactionF73Profound mental retardation
F07Personality and behavioural disorders due to brain disease, damage and dysfunctionF43.8Other reactions to severe stressF78Other mental retardation
F09Unspecified organic or symptomatic mental disordersF43.9Reaction to severe stress, unspecifiedF79Unspecified mental retardation
F10.0Acute intoxicationF43.20Brief depressive reactionF80Specific developmental disorders of speech and language
F10.1Harmful useF43.21Prolonged depressive reactionF81Specific developmental disorders of scholastic skills
F10.2Dependence syndromeF43.22Other adjustment disordersF82Specific developmental disorders of motor function
F10.3Withdrawal stateF43.1Post–traumatic stress disordersF83Mixed specific developmental disorders
F10.4Withdrawal state with deliriumF45Somatoform disordersF84.0Childhood autism
F10.8Other mental and behavioural disordersF50.0Anorexia nervosaF84.2Atypical autism
F10.9Unspecified mental and behavioural disordersF50.1Atypical anorexia nervosaF84.3Rett’s syndrome
F20SchizophreniaF50.2Bulimia nervosaF84.4Other childhood disintegrative disorder
F21Schizotypal disordersF50.3Atypical bulimia nervosaF84.5Overactive disorder associated with mental retardation and stereotyped movements
F22Persistent delusional disordersF51Nonorganic sleep disordersF84.7Asperger’s syndrome
F24Induced delusional disordersF53Mental and behavioural disorders associated with the puerperium, not elsewhere classifiedF84.8Other pervasive developmental disorders
F23Acute and transient psychotic disordersF54Psychological and behavioural factors associated with disorders or diseases classified elsewhereF84.9Pervasive developmental disorder, unspecified
F25Schizoaffective disordersF54Abuse of non–dependence–producing substancesF88Other disorders of psychological development
F28Other nonorganic psychotic disordersF59Unspecified behavioural syndromes associated with physiological disturbances and physical factorsF89Unspecified disorders of psychological development
F29Unspecified nonorganic psychosisF60.0Paranoid personality disordersF90Hyperkinetic disorders
F30Manic episodeF60.1Schizoid personality disordersF91Conduct disorders
F31.0Bipolar affective disorders, current episode hypomanicF60.2Dissocial personality disorders including antisocial personality disorderF92Mixed disorders of conduct and emotions
F31.1Bipolar affective disorders, current episode manic without psychotic symptomsF60.3Emotionally unstable personality disorders (includes borderline & impulsive)F93Emotional disorders with onset specific to childhood
F31.2Bipolar affective disorders, current episode manic with psychotic symptomsF60.4Histrionic personality disordersF94Disorders of social functioning with onset specific to childhood and adolescence
F31.3Bipolar affective disorders, current episode mild or moderate depressionF60.5Anankastic personality disordersF95Tic disorders
F31.4Bipolar affective disorders, current episode severe depression without psychotic symptomsF60.6Anxious (avoidant) personality disordersF98.0Nonorganic enuresis
F31.5Bipolar affective disorders, current episode severe depression with psychotic symptomsF60.7Dependent personality disordersF98.1Nonorganic encopresis
F31.6Bipolar affective disorders, current episode mixedF60.8Other specific personality disordersF98.2Feeding disorders of infancy and childhood
F31.7Bipolar affective disorders, currently in remissionF60.9Personality disorders, unspecifiedF98.3Pica of infancy and childhood
F31.8Other bipolar affective disordersF61.0Mixed personality disordersF98.4Stereotyped movement disorders
F31.9Bipolar affective disorders, unspecifiedF61.1Troublesome personality changesF98.5Stuttering (stammering)
F32Depressive episodeF62Enduring personality changes, not attributable to brain damage and diseaseF98.6Cluttering
F33Recurrent depressive disordersF63Habit and impulse disordersF98.8Other specified behavioural and emotional disorders with onset usually occurring in childhood and adolescence
F34Persistent mood (affective) disordersF68Other disorders or adult personality and behaviourF98.9Unspecified behavioural and emotional disorders with onset usually occurring in childhood and adolescence
F38Other mood (affective) disordersF69Unspecified disorders of adult personality and behaviourF99Unspecified mental disorders / Mental disorders, not otherwise specified
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