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7 Best Prior Authorization Solutions: CareConnections

2019 Best Prior Authorization Solutions: CareConnections

In our prior authorization review of the best solutions for 2019, we’ve ranked seven vendors as the top options to help physician practices automate and speed up pre authorization for their patients. CareConnections is number four on our list.

Here, we provide an in depth review of our #4 choice CareConnections Prior Advice/Authorization System (PAS)

Pros of PAS

CareConnections provides physical therapist with utilization advice and treatment guidelines. Its Clinical Practice Guidelines: Examination and Intervention for Rehabilitation – 4th Edition is integrated into the CareConnections Prior Advice/Authorization System (PAS) for providers. It supplies guidance for: Examinations, tests, measures, interventions, outcomes, criteria for discharge, and considerations for additional treatment. Carriers can aid in increasing overall value of physical therapy, from the provider to the claims payers, with CareConnections best practices model. The model offers providers evidence-based clinical practice guidelines that help to lessen poor outcomes and costly physician or hospital charges.

Cons of CareConnections Prior Advice/Authorization System (PAS)
If there are any cons about the PAS application, it would be nice to have it work as an independent stand-alone prior authorization module. But the beauty of the fully integrated therapy suite more than makes up for any downside.

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