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PracticeSuite Affiliate Program : The Side Hustle for All Providers

Written by: Savannah Lowry

PracticeSuite has been here to support practices as the simple, integrated solution to help manage practices and find all revenue opportunities. Now, we are taking our partnerships a step further with our Affiliate Program. The important things to know with our Affiliate Program can be broken down in the how and what of ways to earn more with a PracticeSuite partnership that can be your practice’s next side hustle.

  1. Learn. PracticeSuite will do all we can to help educate you on the services we offer via demonstrations and webinars and whatever else you feel you need to learn our products.
  2. Engage. PracticeSuite will support your marketing and sales efforts by providing demonstrations of our product and outlining our service models to ensure the solution is built for your provider needs. PracticeSuite can also help with providing creative content to support your promotional efforts.
  3. Profit. Earn an average rate of commissions for a subscription plan with your unique referral link who signs up for our services. To maximize your earnings, each referral will be nurtured to help them transition from a need to a PracticeSuite Solution.

And – of course – you will have the support of PracticeSuite the whole time as our partnership is created and grows.
As an Affiliate with PracticeSuite you are not only earning revenue by referring your network to PracticeSuite, but you are also assisting in the entrepreneurship energy of the provider world. A referral to PracticeSuite is an introduction to solutions that will help providers start, sell, market and manage their current businesses or new business.

Whether you’re an established business or new to the healthcare sphere, the PracticeSuite Affiliate program is a great option for any practice. If you’re interested or ready to start a great mutually beneficial partnership, contact amonsour@local.local.

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