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2019 Review of PracticeFusion's New Bi-Directional Billing Interface

review of practice fusion's new bi-directional medical billing software interface

PracticeSuite is the only medical billing software
with a bi-directional interface to Practice Fusion

We’ve reviewed the top 12 EHR or electronic health record systems on the market today. Our readers need to know what to expect from various EHR vendors, and we’re happy to provide the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly when it comes to software for medical practices.

An EHR system by strict definition should offer both clinical and practice management solutions combined in an all-in-one solution. Our number 3 candidate, PracticeFusion, qualifies as an EHR because what it lacks in billing and practice management functionality, it makes up for with outstanding billing partners. As a standalone EMR, or electronic medical records system, it allows doctors to create digital patient charts and e-prescribe, and then the billing data is piped over to bolted-on partner billing systems.

We include PracticeFusion on our list because it has become an extremely popular solution among thousands of small medical practices — especially solo practitioners and startups. We’ll look at the pros and cons of this software offering as well as some of the user reviews posted around the web.

PracticeFusion Pros & Cons

PracticeFusion’s main selling point lies in its low price and simple interface. You can easily use the EMR to chart a patient’s clinical encounter and order prescriptions, then generate an electronic superbill to be sent to billing. You can upgrade to other features by paying for them, but here we’re reviewing the EMR solution alone.

PracticeFusion offers highly detailed charting solutions you can customize based on your specialty. Medical professionals have created charting templates that you can use as-is or adjust to suit your specific needs. You can also set module favorites that allow you to accomplish tasks in fewer clicks. For instance, your most common activities might include checking medical histories and viewing lists of patients’ medications. Add those tasks to your favorites list for faster charting.

The charting system features a robust search function that saves time. It’s an ICD-10 system that allows you to search for diagnosis codes by keyword. Instead of trying to memorize thousands of codes, you can quickly find what you need and keep your charts accurate.

There’s dictation support for medical practitioners who prefer to speak rather than write when taking notes or filling out charts. You can automatically submit orders for such things as imaging and other diagnostic tests, directly from the chart module, and users praise the eReferral system because of its efficiency and convenience.

Other benefits of PracticeFusion include a simple, easily navigable interface; note assist shortcuts for faster charting; and detailed patient health flowsheets.

New Bi-Directional Medical Billing Interface

As mentioned above, PracticeFusion isn’t an end-to-end EHR platform by strict definition, so you’ll have to outsource your billing software needs to a third-party vendor or outside billing service. However, small practices benefit from this combination as long as they find a reliable and affordable medical billing software or services team.

So far, PracticeSuite is the only medical billing software that has been able to fully integrate billing with PracticeFusion with a bi-directional interface—meaning information flows both ways. This still doesn’t achieve practice-wide financial reporting, but you’re getting a EMR system that’s clinical-centric, which means that it focuses on wide range of patient care specialties. An impressive number of physicians across many medical specialties have attested for Meaningful Use using this excellent EMR.

41,000 users love the PracticeSuite billing system and praise it for its ease of use and advanced revenue cycle management features. The new bi-direction billing interface to PracticeFusion is a dream come true for many physicians and their staff who no longer have to do double entry of patient demographics, insurance data, guarantors, payment posting, and superbill reconciliation. PracticeSuite offers both practice fusion billing software for self-use, and practice fusion billing services for outsourced RCM physician billing.

What Customers Say About PracticeFusion

Barbara from the Psychiatric Institute of Washington calls PracticeFusion “easy to learn and utilize.” She elaborates further, saying  “It makes keeping up with my calendar very fast and accurate. Being able to see the medical records of my colleagues makes for a great team.”
Joyceline from PIW Outpatient Clinic gives PracticeFusion five stars in all areas except customer support. She offers a balanced critique, saying, “For the most part, this software is awesome and has made the function in this office very convenient.”

Of course, PracticeSuite offers a free limited edition of its practice management system that provides advanced functionality and wonderful customer service. Compare plans and pricing to learn why PracticeSuite has become a crowd favorite among medical practices across all specialties.

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