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PracticeSuite Telehealth : Stay Connected, Stay Safe. Stay In Business

“Thank you so much for the help with e-consults software. This platform is so easy to use and to incorporate in my EHR. The fundamental flows of work are good and logical. Training really explained and demonstrated it well.” 
Dr Matthew Amara – Family Practice

What is Telehealth or Telemedicine?
Telemedicine is the remote practice of medicine by a physician or other licensed healthcare provider to diagnose and medically treat a patient remotely, while the term Telehealth encompasses all healthcare rendered to a patient remotely.

What Are The Benefits of Telehealth?
According to the American Medical Association (AMA), the benefits of Telehealth adoption allows health care providers to increase continuity of care, extend access beyond normal clinic hours, reduce patient travel burden, and help overcome clinician shortages, especially in rural and other underserved populations, which ultimately helps health systems and physician practices focus more on chronic disease management, enhance patient wellness, improve efficiency, provide higher quality of care, and increase patient satisfaction. It can also be used to help reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

What Kinds of Solutions Exist?
Essentially, there are two kinds of Telehealth solutions, the stand-alone kind or an integrated solution, meaning the videoconferencing application is integrated within an electronic medical record. And while a stand-alone product can be cheaper and relatively easy to deploy, the benefits of an integrated solution are that every aspect of the e-visit takes place within the confines of patient’s electronic medical record for better continuity of care.

What are the benefits to utilizing PracticeSuite’s integrated telemedicine application?
Here are 10 reasons our remote care functionality, available now within your Clinical Desktop, can help your practice greatly benefit your patients:

  1. The Telemedicine platform within PracticeSuite’s EHR provides better workflow towards increased revenue, while providing effective and convenient quality patient care.
  2. PracticeSuite provides State required patient consent forms, as per the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), through the patient portal within PracticeSuite. Some States only require verbal consent for telemedicine appointments.
  3. Physicians only need to work within a single platform to conduct e-visits. The integrated EHR technology allows both systems to communicate through bidirectional integration. Telemed billing will automatically crossover within PracticeSuite.
  4. As with any face to face patient visit, the provider can view: Online appointment requests, patients in the virtual waiting room, patient intake forms, previous visit notes, and consent forms within your clinical desktop.
  5. During the visit, as you document the session within the telemed application, the virtual visit summary containing all chat notes, clinical notes, and screen snaps from the e-visit are seamlessly transferred to your SOAP note. A quick  demonstration  of the product will reveal just how simple we’ve made conducting an e-consult.
  6. The flow of e-prescribing and other routine functions remain unaffected, resulting in saved time.
  7. Within the patient portal, patients are able to view the virtual visit summary you provide, resulting in greater patient satisfaction and continued quality care.
  8. Additionally, the Telemedicine platform offers multi-window conferencing to include additional caregivers into the appointment.
  9. With increased patient accessibility to providers through video and secure chat on any device at the patients disposal, the telemedicine platform enhances both patient and provider satisfaction through ease of use.
  10. Easy to get started. Telemed is already available within your clinical desktop. You only need to contact sales to begin its use. There are no setup, implementation, or monthly software fees – you pay only .49 cents per
    e-visit – all inclusive.

A closer look at PracticSuite’s Telemedicine platform reveals the following highlights:

  • EHR independent, or it can be used as a seamless integrated EHR product
  • Fast implementation, see patients immediately, within 24 hours
  • No setup or monthly software cost – pay only 49c per e-visit – all inclusive.

Distinguishing Telehealth Features Include:

  • Ease of use for patients and providers
  • Increased patient accessibility to providers by video, secure chat, phone
  • Multi-window conferencing to include additional caregivers
  • Integrated screenshare and document sharing, including photos
  • Encounter templates already created for you for the most common use cases
  • Audit Trail: Track receipt of text messages and import to your EHR
  • Effortlessly transfer all chat, call notes, and screen snaps over to clinical record
  • Growing list of billable codes for reimbursement

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