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Does Your Medical Billing Software Include These Features?

There’s no doubt that medical billing software has changed over the past few decades, but these days, having the right features included in your software solution can be the difference between meeting expectations and exceeding them. Patients are demanding greater care while medical laws, regulations, and industry practices are becoming more complex, leaving healthcare practitioners that use outdated software to lose not only credibility, but also revenue.

As a result, it would be a good idea to take stock in your billing software’s features now in order to avoid the potential for concerns down the road as demands grow. And if you don’t currently use medical software to take care of your practice’s billing, it’s likely that you will find that patients are seeking out your competition while your practice loses additional revenue.

Why the Latest Software is Important
Medical billing involves not only an accurate eye, but it also involves adherence to certain standards, including the current ICD-9 and the upcoming mandate for ICD-10. If your software only supports the former and not the latter, your practice may find it difficult to catch up. In addition, learning opportunities are especially important when working with medical software, and training features can become even more critical when factoring all of the changes taking place in the medical community.

Daily training presentations, whether through webinars, in-person, or through phone support, allow practices using medical software to excel in patient care, patient satisfaction, and accurate billing. Such features are a pivotal part of success when dealing with new staff, experienced staff, and everyone in between.

Elimination of Errors
Your software also needs to have in place features that eliminate errors through a validation engine. Keep in mind that coding errors can account for a large percentage of your practice’s lost revenue, even when you have the best staff possible. It’s also worth stating that, as ICD-10 comes into play, your coding staff will need some time to adjust, and a validation engine can be the firewall you and your patients need in order to remain protected.

A Trial Period
Finally, when deciding upon a billing software solution, look for one that offers an unlimited free trial as a feature. Providers that offer such a solution are confident in their products, and this should instill confidence in you and your practice. Medical billing software trials also offer you a chance to test out functionality so that you can determine whether a particular product is right for the needs of your practice.

PracticeSuite Delivers All of the Above and More
Utilizing cloud-based technology, PracticeSuite is able to provide its clients with solutions to ensure accurate billing, and the company even provides free billing software solutions that are available on an unlimited basis to healthcare facilities of all sizes. This advantage gives you the chance to not only see exactly how the software functions in a real-world environment, but also how it will suit your practice as it grows. Visit PracticeSuite to learn more about medical billing software.

Andrew Rusnak is an author who writes on topics that include healthcare and business development.

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