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Month: November 2013

Is That Sound Opportunity Knocking For Medical Billing Services?
Practice Management

Is that Sound Opportunity Knocking for Medical Billing Services?

One of the hardest tasks for small business owners is taking a step back to evaluate their business by looking at where the industry is, where it’s going, and where the opportunities are. So let’s take a moment to do just that. We’ll start with the fact that the outsourced billing sector is growing at

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These HIPAA Issues Can Trip You Up, or Worse, Land You in Court

Understanding examples of HIPAA violations will help you avoid falling into similar scenarios. In October, AHMC Healthcare in Alhambra, CA, reported that health information on 729,000 patients was compromised due to the theft of two laptops. Last year, an Arizona physician agreed to pay $100,000 to HHS to settle a HIPAA violation case. HHS’s Office

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Taking The Sting Out Of Immunization Coding

There a couple of confusing things about immunization coding as it relates to medical billing.  First, there are different codes for the vaccine and the administration. That’s because some vaccines are provided by states for children, and the physician is paid only for the administration. Second, Medicare was not initially developed to provide preventive care,

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Don’t Let Bad EMR Advice Cost You A Key Medical Billing Client

As technology improves and healthcare reform rolls along, many physicians and practice managers are asking their medical billing companies for advice on electronic record systems. Some practices are moving from paper to digital; others are unhappy with their current system and want to upgrade. Most know that they want their patient records to work well

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Why Your Injury Diagnosis Code Isn’t Valid And How To Fix It

Injury causes are important and about to get more so, but they still come after the type of injury when coding. This taxonomy has caused confusion in some organizations, resulting in rejected claims. In ICD-9, when submitting an injury claim, the injury must be listed first, and the cause listed second. This order will remain

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