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Month: March 2017

Appointment Scheduling Software

Compare & Review 2019 #1 Appointment Scheduling Software Scheduling is the fuel for your medical practice’s revenue engine. Picking the right appointment scheduling software – the right “octane and fuel type” is a leverage point that cannot be overstated. Learn what to look for, strengths, advantages, and even weaknesses of office appointment scheduling software in

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Review 2021 Top EHR Software

Best Electronic Medical Record Systems Choosing an EHR can be daunting but its important to get the decision right because of the effect on benefits, administrative savings, and quality of care. Read more about the decision factors to steer you to the right solution in this review of 2021 EHR software. Choosing an EHR system

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The HIPAA Trouble with Email, Text, and File Sharing

There are inherent obstacles in creating storing, transmitting, and accessing information even when using “HIPAA” rated service through Apple, Google, Yahoo, Dropbox and other free and paid products. Secured email requires recipient to register online. Recipient loses access to the delivered email content if the sender discontinues the service providers. Text Messages, Messages and others

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Practice Management

Getting the (Text) Message Out: Are Text Messages Secure?

Cutting-edge medicine taps the newest technologies and approaches to improve care. At the other end of the medical innovation spectrum are the communication modes in use in many practices. Email on a desktop or laptop was once cutting edge, but it’s been replaced by instant messaging on phones or tablets, at least in the non-medical

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Top HIPAA Compliant Office Software Solutions Reviewed: PracticeSuite

HIPAA compliance has never been more important than it is right now. Whether you’re contacting patients with test results, storing charts in the cloud, or processing insurance claims, you must keep patient information private and secure. In today’s world, that means you need Security Rule-compliant software. Since most practices now use electronic data instead of

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Practice Management

Re-Transitioning into Medicine

As our last post detailed, the employed life isn’t a good fit for all physicians who enter it. Employed doctors don’t have the burdens and uncertainties of running a business, but they may have to play politics or follow onerous policies. Interestingly, the employed physician model, in addition to potentially damaging morale, also might not

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