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Month: July 2014

New to EHR Systems? Read This Blog ASAP

When it comes to medical technology, many physicians are adopting a new EHR system or have adopted more than one EHR system over the last decade. By understanding the basics of how an EHR system works, it is easier to determine if it is appropriate for your medical practice and how it can be applied

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Is Your Medical Practice At Risk for Cyberthreats?

Unfortunately, medical practices cannot be fully guaranteed for protection against cyberthreats by even the most cutting-edge computer software. Medical practices and healthcare clinics and hospitals are notoriously known for having poor data security and cybersecurity measures, despite the sheer volume of sensitive patient information that flows through their system. However, specific plans and actions can

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Don’t Get Sued for Inappropriate Emails

Advances in technology have made it possible to communicate with patients via electronic devices, but that does not mean it is always a smart decision. Physicians should always be aware of the potential pitfalls and downsides associated with electronic communication solutions. Accidental Breach of Privacy As a physician, you are responsible to maintain doctor-patient confidentiality

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Should Docs Fist-Bump Their Patients?

There are a variety of concerns that are associated with shaking hands in a medical office. Since doctors and nurses are in contact with many patients throughout the day, taking measures to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses is essential. Contact with hands during a handshake can result in spreading bacteria from one patient

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Five Ways to Smooth Your Physician Credentialing Process

Physician credentialing clearly has its benefits. Physician credentialing is the process of organizing and verifying a doctor’s professional records. The most important is that ultimately it promotes better patient care by providing standards for medical providers. Credentialing is indispensable, but the process often seems to be more trouble than it’s worth. It can be time-consuming

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Nurse Practitioners and Your Medical Practice

Nurse practitioners, or NPs, are medical professionals who can provide advanced medical care to patients. Nurse Practitioners have a unique medical approach where they focus on preventative health and health education in order to keep their patients healthy. Doctors should keep some facts about nurse practitioners in mind to ensure that patients are getting the

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Online Bill Pay for Your Medical Practice

Online Billing Almost everything has an electronic component to it. And the things that don’t are quickly shifting there. Consider email, e-commerce, and e-trade. Why not e-billing? As it turns out, paper bills are becoming an unnecessary hassle. According to the Medical Group Management Association, a medical practice must send out more than three paper

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Waiting In Vain – Medical Practice Patient Wait Times

For busy patients, a prolonged wait to see the doctor can feel like a violation of their time, especially since the appointment was planned in advance. Fortunately, there are simple and painless steps a doctor can take to help alleviate any frustration patients may experience when unexpected wait times do occur. A while back I

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5 Medical Practice Staff Retention Strategies That Work

A shockingly high number of US businesses don’t have a formal strategy for employee retention. Considering the time and money it takes to successfully educate the folks who work in your medical practice, if you haven’t considered retention, you’re not thinking clearly. Here are five no-nonsense strategies to help you keep the valuable employees you

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