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Month: November 2014

Avoid Medical Billing Issues with a Self-Audit

The best way to find holes in your electronic security is to have someone attack your network.   You can set up what you believe are foolproof systems, but until someone tries to hack their way in, it’s impossible to know where the flaws are. The same holds true for medical billing issues. You really

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Easy Tips That Minimize Medical Billing Denials & Claim Approvals

Are you challenged by your claims denial rate?  When a claim is denied, your medical practice suffers. While practicing medicine is all about supporting your patients, your practice needs to operate on a firm financial foundation in order to continue to serve those patients. Errors and denials hurt your cash flow and your business. Free

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Balancing Act: Medical Billers Walk a Fine Line

Medical coding seems like a profession where everything is black and white. There’s the right code for a diagnosis or procedure, and there’s the wrong code—no shades of grey. The reality is somewhat different. Medical billers are not automatons who spit out the right code time and time again. They are skilled individuals who understand

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You Can Crack the HIPAA Privacy Code Without Breaking a Sweat

Everyone values their privacy, and nowhere is privacy more important than in the case of your personal medical records. In this age of electronic data collection and storage, patients can feel insecure about the safety of their personal health information. This is why the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) exists. Your practice needs

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What Are the Advantages of Cloud Based EHR?

Your patients’ health is important. Your patients’ privacy is equally important. Medical clients need to know that their medical information is being stored securely. Cloud based storage of electronic health records can help you maintain your data in a place where it is secure yet easy for you and your patients to access. What is

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Practice Tip: Free Medical Billing Software Can Power Up Your Practice

Swamped with paperwork? If your office is overwhelmed by the logistics of medical billing, try a free medical billing software, that claims to be better than the rest, and see if you can smooth out your system. User-friendly and affordable billing software helps your office become accurate, profitable, and well-organized. What should you look for

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Be Happy – Even if Your Expert Medical Biller is Leaving

Your medical practice staff is your brain trust. They know how to interact with your patients and they know how to manage the systems that make your office run smoothly. When a staff member leaves, this can put a big hole into your ability to function as a practice. The use of medical billing software

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