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Month: May 2016

So You Want to Sell Your Practice…

We recently looked at the pros and cons of buying a practice, or buying into one. But what if you’re on the other side of this transaction? Nationwide, many physicians are making the choice to sell their practices, often to larger medical groups or hospitals. They may enter into an employment agreement with the purchaser,

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Time, Money, and Your Physical Therapy Practice

Time is money in any business, but nowhere is this more true than in the medical community. Juggling multiple patients and treating illnesses and diseases is only part of the process. Medical practices must also handle the related responsibilities. In healthcare, in some instances, even an extra five minutes can save a life. This could

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How Physical Therapy Billing Software Can Improve Your Cash Flow

If you work within the healthcare industry, you already know that proper physical therapy billing and coding is vital to the success of your practice or facility, but what you might not realize is the importance of physical therapy billing analysis tools. While it’s one thing to ensure that patients are being properly billed for

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eRx – Electronic Prescription Software

6 Must Have e-Prescribing Software Features PracticeSuite provides connectivity to pharmacies nationwide with complete drug interaction, allergy, and condition interactions, formularies, and effortless MU reporting. Keep up to date with Meaningful Use using the latest technology and prescribing software from PracticeSuite! Cloud Based e-Prescribing Solutions PracticeSuite’s eRx solution serves physicians throughout ambulatory, acute, post-acute, long

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Bell Curve Module – Know Your Risk at All Times!

OIG / CMS Bell Curve & Under Payment Solution Here’s how to know your bell curve reporting at all times. Audit Proof Your Practice – For the first time ever, due to data published by CMS, you can see how Medicare views your E&M coding frequency. Live in fear no longer of an OIG or

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PT Blog

Considering Group Visits? Hidden Opportunities & Challenges

As a medical services provider, your professional goal is to see as many patients as possible while balancing your daily endeavors with patient care. After all, you could likely see one patient per five minutes, but you would certainly not be able to seriously address concerns, run tests, and offer true patient care overeall by

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Key Revenue Cycle Management Software Features

If you have hundreds of physicians to bill for or just one, you can run into complicated and complex billing scenarios. Maintaining the highest level of collections requires a  Revenue Cycle Management  System designed to make the grade and handle demanding tasks. Whether you bill for one practice or many, our RCM software suite makes choosing

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Gaining Better Portal Adoption in Ambulatory Settings

Electronic health records with portal capabilities can empower patients, support care between visits, and improve health outcomes. If you’re looking for best practices for using patient portals in ambulatory care settings, the advice in a white paper from the good old days—2012—still applies in 2016. As “Using Patient Portals in Ambulatory Care Settings” pointed

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Practice Management

Medical Appointment Scheduling Software Features

It all starts with the appointment. Organize and optimize your practice workflow with a powerful and flexible patient scheduler that offers integrated e-superbills, appointment reminders, superbill reconciliation (patients seen but remains unbilled), and interoffice communication. EXPLORE ALL THE FEATURES YOU NEED TO INCREASE REVENUE, IN ONE EASY SOLUTION Here are a few scheduler highlights! Simple

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5 Best Billing Services of 2022

In this 2022 physician billing review of the top medical billing services and billing companies, we compare the best insurance billing vendors side by side to give you a concise picture of the pros and cons of in-house billing, as well as the pros and cons of outsourced billing, a comparison of the costs of

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