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Month: December 2013

Medical Billing Lessons Learned from Other Countries

Canada changed over from ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes starting in 2001. The bad news is the implementation did not go smoothly. The good news is we can learn from the mistakes their providers made. ICD10Watch recently outlined eight lessons practice managers may want to incorporate into their changeover plans. Forget about crosswalks. Gillian Price,

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5 Threats That Can End Your Medical Billing Business

The threats to medical billing companies using a traditional model are so severe that most businesses will not survive.  There are times when continuing to do business the way you always have is an acceptable choice. You may not be as successful as some competitors, but you’ll still be in business. This is not one

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It’s a Brave New (Medical Billing) World

The medical billing industry is in the midst of a sea change, which means tremendous opportunity for those who understand what’s coming and prepare accordingly. For that, we need to look at where we’ve been (2011-13), where we are now (2014), and where we’ll be in the next couple of years—for five key areas. 1.

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Think Outside the Box

All of us in business have, at one time or another, been told to think outside the box. If you’re in healthcare, it’s time to tear the box into pieces and throw it in the trash. The enormous shifts taking place in healthcare and the rapid pace at which they’re occurring means everyone needs to

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CFO Trapped in Bookkeeper Software Claims Rejection by Biller

As a medical billing service, it’s hard to soar with the eagles when your billing software is a turkey. Turkey software is the kind that gobbles up all your time, keeps you pecking around in data entry, and offers no way to help your clients stuff the financial holes so common in manual processes. In

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A Crime of Opportunity – Theft In Medical Practices

Reports of employees stealing from a medical practice are nothing new. What’s interesting is that physicians are invariably shocked by these events. One reason is that staffers and clinicians work side by side, so practices feel more like a family than a formal workplace. Another reason is that many thefts are unplanned. “They are rather

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Why Your Most Dedicated Employees May Be Stealing From You

It’s human nature to assume the staff we hire and work closely with are honest and trustworthy. They’re almost like family members—they would never steal from us, right?  It might surprise you that you can’t always trust the people closest to you. As B.J. Hoffman points out in two thoughtful pieces from MedCity News, medical

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