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Month: April 2019

Practice Management

Seven Ways Elation Health’s EHR Boosts Your Practice’s Revenue

Looking at EMR companies’ websites, you might be tempted to dismiss them as essentially the same. And that’s true—to an extent. The fact is, most EMRs are similar because they were built atop practice management systems designed around linear processes and office workflows that have little to do with diagnosing a condition or charting a clinical encounter.

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Practice Management

PracticeSuite Helps Jacksonville Practice Clear Up $900,000 AR Backlog

Many physicians struggle to find and retain qualified staff to run the insurance claims side of their practice. In Jacksonville, Fla., where the local economy went into recession, hiring was a particularly painful process. PracticeSuite Helps Jacksonville Practice Clear Up $900,000 AR Backlog In fact, an inability to engage experienced billing staff led one Jacksonville

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