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Month: August 2014

Secure Text Messaging For Your Medical Practice

Text messaging can simplify communication with patients in a medical practice; however, it is also risky if the doctor and staff members do not take measures to improve security. It’s important to be aware of the HIPAA compliance rules surrounding sending sensitive information. Here are some way to ensure that sending a text message is

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Selling Your Medical Practice? Do These Things…

Legal experts advise physicians to start preparing for the sale of their practice several years in advance. Careful planning ensures accurate valuations so that physicians are not compelled to sell their practice during unfavorable market trends. Retaining a team of professional appraisers, accountants and attorneys who specialize in medical practice transactions is also advisable. Entities

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Retaining the Best Physicians in Your Medical Practice

One of the greatest challenges facing health care companies today, from the smallest private practice to the largest hospital, is how to retain quality physicians. No health organization wants to lose a good doctor. It not only takes time and effort to recruit a replacement, but the departing physician takes with him or her knowledge

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New EHR? Follow These Five Tips

  EHR’s have come the distance since they were introduced. REVENUE CYCLE MANAGEMENT At this point, EHRs are about much more than how encounters are recorded. If you’re looking for a smoking gun, think revenue management. Without a fully unified practice-wide system, you’re in danger of failing to create the type of efficiencies and revenue

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Manage Work-Life Balance in Your Medical Practice

Physicians work more than most people realize. In fact, the time they spend helping others through their medical practice often leads to serious imbalances in their own lives. While it may be impossible to fully alleviate this difficulty, there are some steps that physicians can take to bring more equilibrium to both their jobs and

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Control Your Medical Practice With Practice Management Software

We all like to feel like things are under control, especially when it comes to our business. When you’re running a physician practice, that’s a tall order. There are so many moving parts—from front office tasks like checking eligibility to tracking every part of the billing process to keeping a close eye on your overall

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