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Month: January 2014

Concierge Care Seeing Uptick Thanks to Physician Shortage

The Affordable Care Act is adding new patients to already over taxed health primary care doctors, creating even longer waiting times. Newly insured patients are trying to fully understand their benefits and their financial requirements. However, health industry analysts are also seeing an increase in concierge care, a service most people associate with the wealthy.

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Dual Coding Tips for Medical Billing Companies

October 1, 2014 is when doctor’s offices have to begin using the new diagnosis codes, known as ICD-10 for filing claims with Medicare, Medicaid, all private insurance, and workers compensation. While the purpose of the change is to allow medical providers to bill with more detail such as left versus right side. The consensus is

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Medical Scribes a Prescription for Easier EHR Data Entry

Federal regulations require electronic medical record adoption in offices of all sizes, which means handwritten doctor’s orders and notes aren’t enough to back payment claims or keep facilities compliant with new rules. There are numerous efficiency benefits gained from EHR, but physicians entering their own orders and notes isn’t one of them. EHR documentation done

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The New Age of Revenue Cycle Management

Professionals expect the market for healthcare revenue cycle management products to boom, driven in part by changes associated with measures such as the Affordable Care Act. Before things can take off, providers and vendors must work together to address the entanglement of problems that exists in the current RCM structure. Legacy Revenue Cycle Issues Healthcare

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Healthcare Fraud: Schemes You Need to Know About

Fraud is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean it never changes. Certain parts of the ICD-10 implementation create obstacles for fraud detection. These are a handful of healthcare schemes to be aware 1. EHR-related fraud. As EHR systems become more prevalent, there are increasing issues with fraud related to auto-population. Trussell notes that some systems

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6 Operational Threats to Your Medical Billing Business

If it seems like it’s harder to turn a profit on your medical billing services every year, there are a few reasons for that. Here are 6 operational threats we have identified that could harm your medical billing business. But first, let us assure you that medical billing companies with the right strategy and the

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5 Amazingly Easy Ways To Avoid ICD-10 Fraud Issues

Earlier this month, we talked about the potential for longer claims cycles as automated detection systems are temporarily derailed by the ICD-10 changeover. We’ll tackle basic processes on how to avoid a Medicare audit and how coding software can guide you to the right levels first: How to avoid a Medicare audit: 1. Use documentation

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