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Month: September 2014

Physicians and Stolen Tax Returns: Avoiding Medical Practice Fraud

Physicians are not normally the segment of the population that comes to mind when one thinks of filing fraudulent tax returns. Filers of bogus tax returns aim to defraud the federal government out of millions of dollars. The Culprit Uncovered? While no one theory has been proven as the reason for this spike in fraudulently

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4 Things Your Medical Practice Management System Needs

We all like to feel like things are under control, especially when it comes to our business, but when you’re running a physician practice that’s a tall order because there are many moving parts—from front office tasks like checking eligibility, to tracking every part of the billing process, to keeping a close eye on your

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Stopping Time Theft in Your Medical Practice

Medical office personnel know it is stealing to take home paper, ink cartridges or other supplies from the office. Unfortunately, the employees often do not consider it stealing from the medical practice when they spend work time making personal telephone calls, texting, checking their email, Facebook account or using in other social media. Dr. Joseph

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RCM Software: Time to Plug Those Revenue Leaks

But perhaps the most dangerous occurrence at sea is a leak so slow that it’s not noticed until a significant amount of water has entered the vessel. This can hold relevant for a medical practice.  Major conflicts and crises get dealt with immediately while slow, persistent revenue leaks go unplugged. Two things are needed to

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Boost Medical Practice Revenue with Technology and Human Resources

We understand the challenges facing private providers – shrinking reimbursement rates, increasing compliance mandates and an influx of newly insured patients, some who haven’t seen a physician in years. Naturally, these challenges have some practice managers struggling to find ways to boost revenue, or at least slow down the declining profit margin. Professional practice consultants,

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