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Month: January 2015

Expert Interview with Andrew Piper on Using 3D Anatomy Software

Technology is evolving rapidly and allowing medical professionals to give patients a better grasp on their health. Andrew Piper, lead programmer and project manager for 3D anatomy software maker Anomalous Medical, says there’s plenty to be excited about. The shift to electronic medical records, increased use of CAD and CAM software in the medical field

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Expert Interview with Carol Vincent on Branding Your Medical Practice

In her experience, Carol Vincent says that most health-related companies and organizations have a burning desire to help people, but that the desire often conflicts with the need to earn a living, raise money or make a profit. “We see organizations doing tremendous work for kidney patients, cancer survivors, or disadvantaged youth, for example, who

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Expert Interview with Ken Accardi About Healthcare Technology

Ken Accardi of Ankota says that as healthcare shifts to payment models that encourage maximizing outcomes and minimizing costs, practices will need to determine how to stay in contact with their patients and help them to avoid hospitalizations. CMS agrees and has approved payment to practices for Chronic Care Management (CCM) (eligible patients have two or more

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