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Practice Management

Are Clean Claims Standard in Your Practice Management?

Insurance and government rules and regulations have certainly clouded the healthcare landscape over the past year or so, and with such clouding has come to rise of unclean claims for healthcare providers. Essentially, an unclean claim is one that requires a healthcare provider or patient to jump through extra hoops in order to provide information

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Patient Engagement
Practice Management

Patient Engagement: More Than Portals

Studies show that patients who feel empowered as decisionmakers in their own care feel more satisfied with that care and tend to have better outcomes. It’s also good for business: Engage patients, and they’re more likely to stay with your practice. The biggest challenge to patient engagement might not be access to health information, but

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Gaining Better Portal Adoption in Ambulatory Settings

Electronic health records with portal capabilities can empower patients, support care between visits, and improve health outcomes. If you’re looking for best practices for using patient portals in ambulatory care settings, the advice in a white paper from the good old days—2012—still applies in 2016. As “Using Patient Portals in Ambulatory Care Settings” pointed

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