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Month: May 2015

Connect the Hot Spots to Increase Your Cash Flow

For any business to thrive, revenue management is a critical element. Running a medical practice is no different. Unfortunately, due to the hectic schedules and stress of running such a personal service company, it can be easy to either miss opportunities to gain new revenue or even put processes in place that can hinder the

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4 Ways to Increase the Income of Your Medical Practice

While it’s certainly true that you got into the medical field in order to make a difference in the health and wellbeing of people’s lives, it’s also true that you expect to turn a profit from your passion. In fact, as a medical professional, it’s likely that you realize that the costs associated with acquiring

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Build a Stronger Medical Practice With the Use of Data

For a small practice, the idea of introducing data measurements to improve profitability may not seem like an affordable idea. But if your practice can make more money by engaging in data management, then the end result would seem to justify the added expense. Economics experts always say that the profitability is in the numbers

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