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Your Best Digital Practice Partners Are…Your Patients

As more aspects of daily life move online, chances are good your patients are open to moving some of their healthcare experience in that direction. It’s high time to consider your options for accommodating—or better yet, encouraging—patient interactions in the digital space. Practices that engage patients with secure and relatively simple tools can enhance provider-to-patient

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Patient Scheduling Options – Opening Up Lines of Communication

As practices work to increase convenience for patients, one place they often fall short is in scheduling. It’s a bit ironic, given that the thing physicians want most is for patients to schedule an appointment… The fact is, modern communications channels have increased exponentially over the last few years, and practices have a hard time

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Encrypted Email – 93% of Patients Prefer Email Communication

Not all physicians are on board with communicating with patients via email. Some are concerned about security and HIPAA violations. Others are unsure how to fit this aspect of patient care into their daily schedules. But one thing is abundantly clear: patients want to be able to communicate with their physicians this way. Indeed, Catalyst

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Patient Engagement: More Than Portals

Studies show that patients who feel empowered as decisionmakers in their own care feel more satisfied with that care and tend to have better outcomes. It’s also good for business: Engage patients, and they’re more likely to stay with your practice. The biggest challenge to patient engagement might not be access to health information, but

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