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Month: March 2016

Practice Management Hack #6 – Checking Insurance Benefits, Eligibility Verification

Double Checking Demographics & Eligibility Verification Inaccurate or incomplete patient demographics are the number one cause for claim rejections. Insuring that thorough and accurate patient information is obtained and recorded is the second step of the revenue cycle. The following tips can empower front-office staff, optimize your patient demographic information collection—and improve patient satisfaction in

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Utilization Management: Preempting Prior Authorization Problems

Hack #14: Tackling Prior Authorization Issues This installment of practice management hacks takes on the crucial topic of prior authorization. Although it’s been a task for healthcare providers for more than 20 years, it’s still one of the most vexing areas of reimbursement failure. This installment of management hacks deals with utilization management, prior review,

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Expert Interview with Martina Skelly Of Yellowschedule

As the medical industry continues to get more and more competitive, it is essential to streamline and optimize every step of a medical practice from the front desk to the billing room. The scheduling cycle is an often overlooked step in the revenue cycle, making it a prime area for an overhaul. YellowSchedule is a

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